Reaching Out with Summer Programs

When school is out, Lowcountry Maritime Society (LMS) is given the opportunity to reach out with its summer programs.

Summer Camp 2016
Building Boats and Exploring Pluff Mud


The Port Royal Sound Foundation partnered with the Lowcountry Maritime Society to offer a youth summer camp at the Maritime Center on the Chechessee River. The one-week camp was held twice this summer and included a unique combination of wooden boat building and junior naturalist activities.

Campers were guided through the construction of 2 wooden skiffs, a design with a deep history in our region. Not only did campers learn about local maritime history and culture, they also learned to follow design plans, use building tools and apply these new skills to building a boat.

Campers also enjoyed junior naturalist activities, highlighting different themes and experiences including ecology, arts, history, conservation and boater safety. Campers took part in activities around the Maritime Center that expanded their knowledge of and encouraged their interaction with the Port Royal Sound environment.

By the end of the week campers were:

  • more aware and appreciative of the Port Royal Sound;
  • had a great sense of accomplishment through the construction of the boats;
  • developed new skills from working with counselors and naturalists; and
  • created new friends through team-oriented activities.

To top it off, the wooden skiffs were ready for the campers to launch and row on the Chechesee River on the last day of camp!


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